Membership Positions


The information at this IEA website is free to everyone and anyone can post comments.


By becoming a member and being listed as a member you are showing others that you believe in the IEA mission and goals. Members can use this website as an information resource as well. Members are not required to be active, but if they chose to do so, members may write posts and comment on posts.

Contributing Members:

Contributing Members must write a post at least once each month, comment on posts at least two times a month, and participate in at least one IEA activity or collaborative project per year. Failure to do so will cause Contributing Members to be moved down to Member status, after notice is given.


Each school energy club or energy club organization can appoint a liaison between their energy club and the IEA. The liaison can be the school energy club president or any other energy club member at the school. The school energy club board might decide it’s better to share some of the workload with a liaison rather than taking it all on themselves. Liaisons must first become an official IEA member before they are recognized as liaisons to the IEA.

Open Positions:

Want to get even more involved? All you need is imagination, desire and some energy. Any IEA member may submit a written plan for a project, event, grant, collaborative project or whatever, to the IEA for approval. You also submit a possible title you would like to have for your project and titles for those who work on it. If approved, you will receive acknowledgement of your titles and the support of the IEA. You can then provide project details and updates to others through this website through posts, comments, and perhaps new pages. As with open source software  and open source reference materials, IEA believes more contribution from more people leads to more ideas, more activity, more creativity, and more fun. You must first become an official IEA member before becoming more involved at this this level.


We suggest to those who wish to post that you create a gravatar if you wish to write posts and comments. A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar. Ok, so what is an avatar, you ask? An avatar is a virtual representation of a yourself. Go to, create an account, write your profile and upload a small photo that represents you. Then provide us with the email address you used when you created your gravatar account. Once this is done, anything that you post at the IEA website, or any other environmentally minded (or not) website, your profile is automatically inserted into your post. This is a great way to build an online presence and allow others to follow your online efforts and to instantly recognize your posts.