Members & Advisors

Chairman of the Board:
George Schoeffel

Founding Members:   Executive Board Members:   Board Members:
Andrew Hunter   Andrew Hunter   Shiyu (Shelly) Ji
Paul Noppenberger   Xi Luo   Miranda Lingenfelter
Ariela Osuna   Ariela Osuna   Ethan S. Sparks
Caroline Walters   Caroline Walters   Chengji (Kevin) Zhu

Contributing Members*:   Members:    
Guo Cao   Molly Borgese    
Audrey Hunter   Rachael Heinsen    
Shiyu Ji   Tess Hezlep    
Aaron Ko   Josh Himley    
    Derong Lei (Martin)    
Bowen Li   Sam Madani    
Yuhan Liu   Sara Madani    
Ethan Sparks   Ye (Michael) Meng    
Yiyin Zhong   Daria Nahidpour    
Yuxin Zhou   Chencheng (Jacqueline) Xu    
    Adam Wong    
    Die Wu    
    Haven Yang    
    Brody Zachary    
    Nicole Zhong    

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Website Editors:
Rachael Heinsen
Jessica Murphy
Miranda Salazar

Senior Website Editor:
Michelle Morris

Andrew Hunter

University Faculty Advisors:
Victor Acosta, PhD, California State University Long Beach

University Student Advisors:
Cameron Luo, University of Southern California
Jared Schoeffel, Georgetown University
Krishna Kaliannan, University of Pennsylvania
Kristen Murray, Duke University
Alejandro Krasovsky, California Polytechnic University Pomona

Professional Advisors:
Ross Chun, CEO, Eco-stride
Raymond Hunter, CEO, Hunter Programs Corp.
Raymond Hunter, CEO, Guiyang Hunter Programs Education Consulting Co., Ltd.
Mark C. Johnson, PhD, Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation
Eric Lowitt, Managing Director, Nexus Global Advisors
Scott Sparks, MBA, President, North America Proxima
Robert Tryon, III, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Vextec

Government Advisors:
Mimi Walters, United States Congresswoman

Director of China/USA Relations
Yuhan (Faye) Liu

Director of USA/China Relations
Aaron Ko

Director of Marketing
Bowen Li (Vincent)

Participating Schools:   Location:   Status:   IEA Liaison:
Academy of Notre Dame de Namur   Pennsylvania, USA   official   Molly Borgese
Academy of Our Lady of Peace   California, USA   tbd   Ariela Osuna
Bryn Mawr College   Pennsylvania, USA   official   Miranda Lingenfelter
Aliso Niguel High School   California, USA   official   Audrey Hunter
Brophy College Preparatory School   Arizona, USA   official   Steven Soto
Colorado College   Colorado, USA   official   Chencheng Xu
Corona Del Mar High School   California, USA   tbd   Ethan Sparks
Dana Hills High School   California, USA   tbd   Brody Zachary
Guiyang No. 1 High School   Guizhou, China   official   Zhong Haozhong
Haverford College   Pennsylvania, USA   official   Andrew Hunter
Jserra Catholic High School   California, USA   official   Yuhan Liu
Laguna Beach High School   California, USA   official   Paolo Noppenberger
Middlebury College   Vermont, USA   official   Caroline Walters
Laguna Hills High School   California, USA   official   Adam Wong
Newport Harbor High School   California, USA   tbd   John Connelly
Palm Beach State College   Florida, USA   official   Edwin Moore III
Saddleback College   Mission Viejo   unofficial   Ye (Michael) Meng
Saddleback Valley Christian School   California, USA   official   Nicole Zhong
Sage Hills High School   California, USA   tbd   Tess Hezlep
St. Margaret’s Episcopal School   California, USA   official   Caroline Walters

Official means the organization is officially recognized by the school listed
Unofficial means the organization is not officially recognized by the school listed, however the organization is active
tbd means the organization is in the process of forming and has not yet been declared official or unofficial

Active Collaborative Projects:

Green Initiative of the city of Aliso Viejo, California, USA, Aliso Viejo, Albert Armijo, Director of Planning

2012 Sino-American Juvenile International Energy Alliance Environment Conference, Guiyang, China

Earth Hour Organized by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)

Spring 2016 Two Degrees Awareness Conference presented jointly by Haverford College and the IEA