U.S. Energy Consumption 2011

U.S. Energy Consumption was written by IEA Contributing Member, Shiyu Ji


source-pie-chartU.S. Energy Information Administration / Annual Energy Review 2011


The graph above illustrates the breakdown of U.S. Energy Consumption for the 2011 calendar year (from the most recent census data, as of 2015). As shown above, natural gas makes up one-third of all energy usage, with nuclear energy coming in second at 25% (up from 9% from the previous year). The use of coal saw a decrease as a result of the increase in nuclear energy.


U.S. Energy Information Administration / Annual Energy Review 2011


 The graph above shows the annual breakdown of general energy consumption in the U.S. in 2011 (from the most recent census data). Electric power has seen a significant increase in recent years, followed by Transportation. Residential and Industrial make up the remaining 32%.


U.S. Energy Information Administration, Electricity Power Monthly (February 2015). Preliminary data of 2014