U.S. Energy Consumption 2010

U.S. Energy Consumption was written by IEA Founding Member, Andrew Hunter

The graph below shows the energy use in the U.S. for 2010, broken down by end-use. In other words, this is where the energy is generally used. Understanding what our energy is being used for is a great first step in trying to figure out how to reduce the amount being used.

The following graph also provides useful information regarding energy use in the United States. It shows the energy consumption by energy source. It is important to note that petroleum makes up only about one third of our energy we use, and yet it is one of the most talked about energy sources. Especially noteworthy is that renewable energy makes up only about eight percent of our used energy. We hope that as time goes on, technology advances, and the cost decreases, renewable energy will increase significantly.

And finally, the graph below examines the eight percent renewable energy used in the United States in 2010. The graph shows the different sources of renewable energy and how much of the total renewable energy each source provides.