Business Spotlight

How energy efficient is your company?

Business Spotlight is geared towards businesses and business owners as a forum to provide motivation to implement energy-friendly changes within the workplace. Learn these methods of change, technology used, problems and challenges they faced,  money they saved, and when to expect a full return on their investment. These spotlights serve as a wealth of valuable information and model source for inspiration.

Three subcategories, target business size and number of employees:

  • Small business:    1-19 employees
  • Medium business:    20-99 employees
  • Large business:    100+ employees

If you have recently implemented new energy ideas or plan to do so in the future, let the IEA put a Spotlight on your Business. At IEA we have a staff of editors who are eager to help business owners create articles featuring the effective changes their company has made. Simply contact us here.


How will sustainability save your company money?


The Future of Value, by Eric Lowitt, makes a case that becoming energy-efficient is not only beneficial for the planet, but also the company. Lowitt uses his experience as a fifteen-year veteran of sustainability and strategy management consulting, working with clients from all over the world. He used his education, with an MBA for Strategic Management to create this guide directed towards people who have suffered from the economy and are willing to make changes to their companies in order to beat the competition. The main focus is on how a company can enhance its business performance using increasing sustainability so it can grow and beat the competition. Lowitt explores how to develop tools in order to develop competitive strategies and adjust policies to help organizations successfully implement sustainable strategies.


Business Spotlight was written by IEA Member and Editor, Jessica Murphy