As a prelude the United Nations Climate Change Conference (December 2015) and the National Energy Awareness Month (October), Haverford College and the International Energy Alliance (IEA) join efforts to bring forth the most current information regarding energy, how it relates to national prosperity, security, and global warming, and what can be done with energy to limit global warming to no more than the widely adopted international standard of two degrees Celsius by 2030.

Who, Where, When

International Energy Alliance is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation that is managed entirely by students. The IEA is dedicated to providing knowledge, raising awareness, encouraging involvement, and exchanging information and ideas on a local, national, and global scale with the end goal of ultimately minimizing our carbon footprint through smart use of energy and energy resources. Haverford has progressed with significant positive sustainability changes on its campus and in educating about sustainability practices.

The upcoming 2015 Two Degrees Awareness Conference will take place at Haverford College which is twenty minutes from Philadelphia on September 19, 2015.


350 students and distinguished professors from the academia communities of Bryn Mawr, Georgetown, Haverford, Middlebury, Swarthmore, Villa Nova, and University of Pennsylvania, and University of Southern California, along with government energy officials and industry energy experts.


006 inspiring energy experts, including Dr. Qi Ye, Director of the Brookings Institute Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, will discuss energy solutions that can lead to stopping global temperature increase.

Specially selected students will discuss energy, planned involvement, and hopes for the future since their generation may have to endure significant negative aspects of global warming.

The conference will conclude with open forum discussion amongst the presenters, who will also field questions from the audience.


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