USA to Become Energy Independent by 2030

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On November 12, 2012 The International Energy Agency published its World Energy Outlook. The report states that by 2017, the US will become the number one producer of oil, and that by 2030 the US will be completely self sufficient on oil and become a net exporter.

An oil rig

What caused this?
• Technologies have improved, allowing drillers to extract oil from rocks that could not be used before
• Now that the BP oil disaster has died down, drilling is increasing in the Gulf of Mexico. There have been several large oil finds recently
• Drilling companies have made money from high oil prices and have developed new technologies.

How does this affect Americans?
o Millions of more jobs
o Billions of dollars in revenue
o Gasoline prices will go down
o May cause damage to the economies of other oil producing countries
o Less urgency to develop renewable sources of energy
o Further increases in greenhouse gas emission

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