China Environment Forum Speaker Encourages Energy Saving

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At the second International Environment Forum, IEA Key member Aaron Ko provides some thoughts motivating to save energy in ways that everyone can accomplish. His goal is not to provide all the answers, but instead to simply get individuals to start thinking about how to save energy in their daily lives. Here is a complete transcript of his speech.

Hello everyone.

Thanks for having me. Today I’m going to talk about some easy methods you can use to save energy. This topic is a little more lightweight than some of the others, but it’s still extremely important. Promoting efficient energy usage is a key part of our mission at the International Energy Alliance. I will show you several easy ways to save energy in your car, at home and at work or school

First, I’ll talk about some easy ways to save energy in the car.1) Roll your windows up when driving at high speeds. Because of increased friction, keeping them down, can lower fuel efficiency by 10%. 2) Try to drive at 55 miles per hour or 90 kilometers an hour whenever possible. This speed is optimum for fuel efficiency.

Next, I’m going to talk about some ways to save energy at home. 1) Turn of appliances and electronics that are not in use. Electronics and appliances still draw energy when turned off. 75% of energy used by electronic devices in the home is used while they are turned off. 2) Take short showers. Try to keep them shorter than 10 minutes. Short showers save both water and gas needed for heating.

Finally, I’m going to discuss some ways to save energy at work and at school. 1) Arrange a carpool schedule with classmates and co-workers. Not only do you save gas and money, but parking will also be easier. 2) Turn of your computers, printers and monitors when you leave the office or school. Many offices and schools leave equipment on overnight and over weekends. Office equipment left on all the time, spends more time not being used than being used.

Just by applying some of these easy techniques and following these simple rules, we can save a substantial amount of energy. You can save the environment and money at the same time.

I hope I have helped you in your journey to save more energy. For more information and tips for saving energy, you can visit the International Energy Alliance website at

Thank You


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