IEA Raises over $10,000 for China Environment Forum

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The International Energy Alliance fundraising committee reports that it successfully raised over $10,000 in funds to be used for expenses both in the USA and in China that are directly related to the second International Environment Forum (also known as the “2012 Sino-American Juvenile International Energy Alliance Environment Conference”) which took place in Guiyang, China on June 15, 2012.

Fundraising committee co-chair Andrew Hunter in the USA and co-chair Luo Xi in China started to work on fundraising in early May and appropriated funds and fund pledges for the full required amount within one month, so that the necessary funds were in place by the day of the forum. Hunter points out that the value of sponsor contributed “in kind” labor and materials probably matched the $10,000 in funding contributed by sponsors. He went on to explain, “Many people don’t realize that it can cost a fair amount of money and resources to put together an event like this.”

Fundraising committee members, Aaron Ko and Bowen Li, report that there was a lot of support from companies they approached, “It seemed that we had three elements that really caught the eye of potential sponsors: students, environment, and China.”

According to Andrew Hunter, “We are incredibly happy about the results, and we feel very grateful to those companies who sent in funds for this important forum. It’s really great that these companies felt this event was worth investing in –and we feel incredibly obligated to give those companies the exposure they deserve.”

Luo Xi concurs with Andrew, “Without exception, every company we contacted felt this event was worth funding. Unfortunately though, for some companies there simply wasn’t enough in the budget for this fiscal year –but even so, in the end we still met our goal.”

We at the International Energy Alliance give our thanks to all of those who provided funding, labor and materials, since without these resources, the forum could not have occurred. Please see past posts at this website for more information about some of our sponsors.


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