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The second Sino-American Juvenile International Energy Alliance Environment Conference that took place June 15, 2012 in Guiyang, China spanned most of the day and consisted of a morning session with an afternoon session taking place after a lunch break.  A copy of the program is written below.

Introduction from the Forum Program:

“Entering the 21st century, social development’s over-dependence and human beings’ excessive consumption of various sources of energy, especially non-renewable energy sources have led to degradation of the ecological environment, which worries people around the world. In order to advocate ecological civilization and green life, enhance teenagers’’ understanding of ecological civilization and green life, enhance teenagers’ understanding of ecological civilization construction, we hold the Sino-American Juvenile International Energy Alliance Environment Conference here, hoping that this conference will provide teenagers from both countries with an opportunity for cross-cultural communication. This conference also aims at encouraging teachers, students and their families to participate in the ecological civilization construction. It is believed that it will be a good opportunity to introduce Guiyang to the world.”

“Today, we are honored to invite several esteemed scholars to deliver a speech at the conference. They are Mr. Najmedin Meshkati, a tenured professor from University of Southern California, USA and a Jefferson Science Fellow; Mr. Zhou Jun, Director General of Guizhou Energy Administration and Director of New Energy Sources and Renewable Energy Sources Bureau; Professor Yuan Juanwen from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics. It is also our privilege to have some provincial and municipal officials, experts from the environment and energy sectors, and students and teachers from other middle schools in Guiyang here.”

Conference Agenda:

  1. Introduction to the conference background
  2. Introduction of the guests
  3. Opening address
  4. Speeches
    1. Professor Najmedin Meshkati, Prospects of Nuclear Power in China’s Energy Mix and the Lessons of the Fukushima Accident
    2. Zhuo Jun, Introduction to New Energy Sources Industry in Guizhou Province
    3. Professor Yuan Juanwen, the Forestry Tradition of Guizhou and its Maintenance
    4. Andrew Hunter, co-founder and executive board member of International Energy Alliance, USA, Aliso Niguel High School student, Renewable Energy and the Environment
    5. Li Ailin, President of Environment Association, Guiyang No. 1 High School
    6. Jessica Murphy, senior editor of International Energy Alliance, USA, Aliso Niguel High School student
    7. Aaron Ko, key member of International Energy Alliance, St. Margaret’s student representative, USA
    8. Xiao Weilin, President of Student Union, Guiyang No. 1 High School
  5. Discussion panel
  6. Speech by Luo Xi, freshman school of Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California, USA, alumni of Guiyang No. 1 High School
  7. Taking photos and media interviews


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