Even With Renewable Energies, We Should Still Use Less

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Whether we are using renewable or non-renewable energy, efficiency always is an important aspect. Although renewable energy comes from inexhaustible sources, many of the processes used to extract energy still have adverse effects on the environment. As the use of renewable energies increases, we need understand and be aware of their environmental impact. Below are several examples:
Hydropower:  Dams trap sediment in their reservoirs starving organisms downstream. They disrupt fish migration routes, affecting their breeding patterns. 
Wind Energy:  Wind turbines kill many bats and birds every year. The generators of wind turbines require many hazardous chemicals to operate. The processing and mining of these chemicals affects the environment in severe ways.
Solar Energy:  Materials used in many solar energy systems contain hazardous materials such as arsenic. People who manufacture and maintain solar panels are at high risk. Solar power plants require huge amounts of space and destroy wildlife habitats.
Renewable energies should definitely be used, but just like non-renewable energies, we should be wary of how we use them. Renewable energies still affect the environment, so we should still make an effort to conserve and use them efficiently. 

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