Platinum Associates joins in sponsoring China Environment Forum

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Platinum Associates joins the ranks of companies and schools sponsoring the second International Environment Forum taking place in Guiyang, China on June 16, 2012. The IEA organizers of this forum were lucky enough to catch Platinum Associates president, Amar Dhillon, for a few words on his company support of the forum and bettering our environment.

Global warming is a serious problem for both planet earth and humanity. There is no doubt that increasing environment responsibility in our younger generation is a key to solving this problem. I have always admired China –its long and rich history, and amazing accomplishments over the past thirty years are very inspiring. With so many young people in China and its proven record of accomplishments, it makes sense to provide support for the environment forum in China this June.

Platinum Associates stands behind their line card companies as they take action in doing something about it.   Reducing energy use, making lead free, and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) products are just a couple of ways we are helping to shrink the carbon footprint. We are committed to advancing the development of sustainable technologies.

Marvell has been recognized by Newsweek as one of the 500 greenest companies in the United States thus proving a commitment to this cause.  They have a power factor correction (PFC) in consumer electronics worldwide. PFC is an underappreciated technology that tricks gadgets into using electrical current more efficiently. If every little gadget used PFC, we could save a massive amount of energy.

Samsung’s Green Server Solution 3, in particular, enables IT organizations to leverage the benefits of increased performance in cloud computing and virtualized environments, while minimizing energy consumption. Samsung goes on to state that “If all the installed server bases around the world were to use Samsung’s Green Server Solution 3, the cumulative power conservation would reap huge environmental benefits. The 86 terawatt hours of savings per year would be equivalent to the power consumed by 12 million cars, or saving 1.5 Billion trees, while preventing around 59 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being pumped into the atmosphere.”

Micron’s green engineering program encompasses all of the company’s environmental efforts. Besides our lead-free and green efforts. They’ve developed programs in pollution prevention, chemical reclamation, and material recycling to help conserve and protect our natural resources. In addition to lowering environmental risks caused by chemical substances based on environmental activity policies, Seiko has also been promoting the elimination of harmful substances.

As an industry, together we are committed to maintaining environmental quality and protecting employee health, safety, and security now and in the future. We work vigorously to continuously improve in support of these commitments at the earliest stages of planning and production.

                                 –Amar Dhillon



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