Reducing School Energy Use, Part 1: Goal Setting

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My energy club has decided to take action to reduce the amount of energy used at our school. I am journaling our steps and progress here at the IEA website to possibly serve as a template that can be used by others who would like to do something similar at their schools.

If you are doing something similar at your school, please let us know so that we can share your ideas as well.  For those looking to see all the parts of this ongoing journal in one place simply use the search box at this website to search for, “Aliso Niguel High School Energy Club Project.”


Primary goals:

Reduce the amount of energy used by teachers in their classrooms

Reduce on a larger scale the amount of energy used by school facilities, or implement renewable energy sources

Reduce the amount of energy used by students, parents and teachers getting to and from school

Reduce the amount of energy used by students, teachers and administrators at their homes

Secondary goals:

Raise public awareness and affect a ripple reduction in energy use and implementation of renewable energy sources everywhere

Enable an overall reduction in spending on energy

Reduce carbon emissions and global warming


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