Aliso Viejo approves grant pursuit for Green Initiative

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Great news for the city of Aliso Viejo! The Aliso Viejo city council voted to allow its urban planning staff to pursue grant funding that would help pay for implementation of various Green Initiative measures.

The grant proposal is to be written by the urban planning staff and should be about ready to submit at this time. 

The funding for this grant is provided by Proposition 84, Chapter 9. This is for Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, and River and Coastal Protection Act of 2006. It is part of the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentive Program, and is administered through the Strategic Growth Council which is part of the California State Governor’s office. 

Items specific to the grant for city of Aliso Viejo are greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies, Wood Canyon complete street planning, preparation of a local coastal plan, and an enhanced Green Initiative public outreach program. The combined amount of funding the city is pursuing is $342,480. 

It is great that the Aliso Viejo is showing putting energy into pursuing this worthwhile grant. The city anticipates hearing back from the grant awards committee sometime in June. The IEA report the outcome on this grant. Please check back for the results. 

If your city is pursuing similar grants, we’d like to hear about it -just send is a comment. If your city is not, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get something like this going. At the city level it has been our experience that EVERYONE has a voice. Try attending city meetings in your neighborhood and see what “green” projects they have going on. 

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  1. Steven Soto says:

    Awesome job! While the grant is fantastic in its own right, it is also great to see another city moving toward the Green Initiative. Best of luck!

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