Green Initiative Plans Approved by Aliso Viejo City Council

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Andrew Hunter presenting to AV City Council


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On Wednesday, December 7th, the Aliso Viejo city council held a meeting with one of its premises being to discuss the Green Initiative. (For those who aren’t familiar, the Green Initiative is mainly a plan in the works for Aliso Viejo to take steps toward the implementation of environmentally friendly programs that would conserve resources. The Green Initiative is currently in “Phase Two,” the implementation stage. More information is proved by a link in Andrew’s speech.) Andrew Hunter, one of our founding members, has been interning for the city over the past series of months, helping to build promising roots for this outstanding cause. To support the Green Initiative and assure its future, Andrew gave a speech in praise of the progress and positive effects it has brought thus far:  

My name is Andrew Hunter, I am the energy club president at Aliso Viejo High School, and executive board member for the International Energy Alliance, and I am here to speak before the council once again about its Green Initiative.

I remember attending my first city planning meeting almost a year ago. It was at this first meeting that I met Mr. Armijo and the others who are working on this initiative. I remember leaving that meeting with a couple of thoughts: 1) this is a great group of people who really care about this Green Initiative idea; 2) they genuinely care about hearing input from anyone attending the meeting. So, I kept coming to these meetings, and I am here to report that a lot has happened since then.  

I started getting my high school, Aliso Niguel high school, involved. I researched the concepts that I first learned about in these meetings. I then decided to see about getting other Aliso Viejo schools involved  

In interacting with all the schools in Aliso Viejo, I have learned that I am not the only one who is concerned about preserving our environment. In speaking with the principals, assistant principals and teachers I have found that it was easy to get the schools involved since they liked what I had told them about the Green Initiative, and they have already been educating students about the environment and good sustainability practices whenever they can.

There is the assistant principal of Aliso Niguel High School, Mr. Brosamer, who is in charge of the high school sustainability program and who has empowered me to speak on my high school’s behalf in support of the Green Initiative.

There is the principal of Wood Canyon Elementary School, Don Mahoney, who had no problem providing Mr. Armijo and me with a prime time speaking spot to educate all of his teachers on the Green Initiative and then brainstorm on how to get his school involved.

There is a science teacher at Aliso Viejo Middle school, Mrs. Chelesnik, who has promised to allow us to work with her after school science club of over two hundred students on Green Initiative concepts; and there is another AVMS teacher, Mr. Groothuis, who eagerly had his students research your website for information on the Green Initiative and then create posters to display on Founder’s Day.

There is a science teacher at St. Mary’s, Mrs. Bratcher, who invited me to speak about the Green Initiative at St. Mary’s during its Promoting Energy Action & Knowledge roundtable discussion attended by the teachers of St. Mary’s and sixteen administrators and teachers from Sweden. About a week after this meeting with St. Mary’s, our website,, which promotes the Green Initiative, all of the sudden got a relatively large number of hits from Sweden.

Then I am pleased to report that as of yesterday an idea about a collaborative green project between the International Energy Alliance, Aliso Niguel High School and the city of Aliso Viejo has gained support at the Capistrano Unified School District level as Dr. Susan Holliday, Capistrano Unified Executive Director of Technology and Information Services has make it extremely clear that they are very excited about the possibility of this collaboration.

There are many other connections I’ve made with schools, but I think you get the picture. Like I said at the beginning of this speech, it has been pretty easy getting others to support the Green Initiative. From my interactions with the Aliso Viejo community, I can tell you that there is definitely strong support for keeping this initiative moving forward. I sincerely hope that the city of Aliso Viejo does keep it moving forward. 


 We are pleased to inform that Andrew’s speech was a success and the Green Initiative continues on as we transition into the New Year.

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