World’s Greenest Tech Companies

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The green initiative is quickly expanding and growing through many dimensions. I wanted to share to all members of the IEA and all website visitors a recent article I stumbled upon. It is not often that green efforts are applauded and appreciated by the worldwide community. To read the full article on The Daily Beast click here. Personally, I found the results astounding. While many people insist on less technology use to decrease carbon emissions throughout the world, these tech companies are proof that there is no need to sacrifice the technological advancements of today. Toshiba claims that its novel products can potentially reduce CO2 emissions by 750 million tons by 2020. Apple’s recycling programs in 95% of all countries where its products are sold received a recycling rate of 66.4% in 2010. Samsung buys and utilizes electricity from renewable energy sources in North America. These are just a few examples of the tremendous strides for the green initiative. Undoubtedly, there are many more corporations however large or small that are making enormous contributions to preserve Earth’s resources. It is because of those efforts that the world continues to move forward.

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