IEA Welcomed at Brophy College Preparatory

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This past week at Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, Arizona), students attended the annual Club Fair. They were met with a myriad of  student and faculty led extracurricular organizations ranging from The National Arts Honor Society to the Gourmet Cooking Club. Of course, joining the showcase roster was the IEA.  The IEA has officially established itself at Brophy Prep under the Sustainable Future Foundation. While having an overall focus on local and global environmental issues, the SFF is committed to promoting efficient energy usage and positive environmental policy. While still in its beginning stages, the SFF looks to bring about change that can serve as a model for many other Arizonan schools.


Also, the SFF seems to be quite popular…

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Hi, my name is Steven Soto. I am currently a Junior at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona. I believe that the IEA can be a great tool and resource for other students (no matter which continent that they live on) to explore new types of efficient energy, while helping them spread the concept of sustainability to further environmental change.

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    Let us know how we can contribute or assist International Energy Alliance!

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