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In June 2010, myself along with the help of fellow IEA Founder Andrew Hunter created and developed the China & America: Building our Future Environmental Forum. This event took place in Guiyang, China and was comprised of students from both the United States and China who share a common passion for the environment. Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a letter commending the Environmental Forum and stating its significance.

There were 5 student representatives from each nation and each student presented on a particular environmental issue that interested them. Issues discussed ranged from how to lead a ‘Low-Carbon Lifestyle’ to ‘China, the World, and Nuclear Energy.’ Following all ten presentations, which included speeches, power points, and videos, a question and answer period took place among all the students present at the to ask questions.  With the assistance of many accomplished Chinese scientists, thoughtful resolutions were drafted and signed making it a successful Environmental Forum. Overall, this was a way to bring two nations closer together.

IEA speakers/presenters: Caroline Walters, Andrew Hunter, Cameron Luo, Kristen Murray, Lauren Murray

IEA participants: Jared Schoeffel, Haven Yang, Jiarui Zhou, Catherine Connelly

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Pursuing a joint major in Environmental Policy and Mandarin Chinese at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont. Currently doing research on clean coal technology development in China.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Very interesting points. Thanks!

    My blog:

  2. Cameron says:

    I am one of the speakers and founders of this forum, and I found that the forum could actually make a difference by telling people, especially students, information they need to make decisions in the future. I think it is essential for students in Guiyang or other relatively under-developed cities to get access of information.

  3. This Environmental Forum would have not been possible if it weren’t for you Cameron!!! Thanks to Cameron we were able to host the forum in his hometown of Guiyang, China. Cannot wait to work on the next forum here in America with you Cameron and Andrew!

  4. Ariela Osuna says:

    This is excellent! Hopefully we can develop an even bigger environmental forum this year! I applaud you for all of your efforts.

  5. Cayle says:

    So much info in so few words. Tolotsy could learn a lot.

  6. Hester says:

    A wonderful job. Super hlefpul information.

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