Time for Energy Clubs to Plan

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Founding Members meet to plan the new school year: Ariela Osuna, Andrew Hunter, Caroline Walters (left to right)

Hello energy clubs,

The Alliance has been working all summer getting ready for the fall. Whether you are starting a new club, or carrying on with an existing club, it’s time to start planning.

Existing clubs, it’s a good time of the year to meet with your key members, or even all members to set goals for the upcoming year. Planning now will give you the momentum you need for a good year. Remember, it’s not just about having a club. It’s about having a club that has accomplishments. Getting your members together to plan goals now will help your members budget their time in the rest of their activities. If you start too late, you may find that your members have all their time filled with other committments.

For those wishing to start new clubs, we are here to help. If you’ve never started a c lub, there are some things you need to know. First, many schools only allow clubs to start at certain times of the year. Some allow it in the fall. Some in fall and in spring. Others, all year around. If you miss your school deadline for starting a club, you can still have one, but it won’t be recognized by the school until the next club rush or club fair. Many schools defer club approval to ASB. Most require some sort of basic paperwork such as a charter and a list of your officers. Your club will also need a teacher to serve as advisor. Some teachers are more involved in your club projects, and others simply let you use their classroom. For some clubs, having a lot of members is a pretty good goal. For example, for clubs that will be cleaning up the beach -the more people, the better. For other clubs such as energy clubs, a smaller more elite group can work very well.

If you have friends at other schools, please see if perhaps they would like to start energy clubs.

We wish you luck.


The Founding Members

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