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In my meeting today with Albert Armijo and Bruce Cook, director of planning services for Aliso Viejo, and Green Initiative Program Manager, respectively, we discussed the future of the Green Initiative, and how the International Energy Alliance could work collaboratively with the city on this project.

What’s really great about this opportunity is that they sincerely wish to involve students and schools. I believe the students have the power to help make it successful. It’s a winning combination.

The city believes the opportunity for success with their Green Initiative is much stronger today than it was a couple of years ago when the effort failed. The cost of energy is higher and significant grant money is now available that wasn’t before.

The city realizes that in order for this to be successful, residents, schools and businesses also need to be involved. And in order to businesses to get involved, it has to make sense financially, not just ideologically. Right now, with the cost of energy being as high as it is, it really does make sense financially. It’s a matter of getting the word out, and getting people educated and motivated to make the change. Schools have a mandate to save energy as well, plus the savings would really be great right now. Residents can save money too.

The task at hand is to set up social networking that can help get students involved. Individual students and entire schools can help support this. My school has given me the authority to speak on its behalf in support of this initiative and to try to use its resources to get students and teachers involved. Our energy club is a perfect tool to do so. I must also try to gain the support from all the other schools in Aliso Viejo.

Aliso Viejo is also planning a mini-fair event around mid October and we will have a presence there as well.

Aliso Viejo Votes Green Initiative

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